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Cybersecurity: Why CFOs Need to Know

Our June Leadership Webinar spotlighted the importance of building a partnership between the Business Office and the Technology Department. Guest Panelist Martha Ambros, Executive Director of Cal-ISBOA, stressed the importance of this vital connection for vetting and problem-solving how to integrate cyber safety that can affect every corner of an independent school. Setting aside time to discuss with your CFO the risks posed by possible cyber threats and making the commitment to work together to manage them within the context of your school culture is absolutely essential. Technology leaders and their counterparts in the business office must work side by side to maintain the level of security our schools need.

View the recorded webinar, share it with your CFO,  and make time for those critical conversations today!

Are you ready for a more in-depth probe into the world of cybersecurity? Register for our two-day workshop on “Cybersecurity in Independent Schools,” which will be held at Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth, Texas, on July 19-20.

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