ATLIS Welcomes Dr. Ashley Cross

ATLIS welcomes Dr. Ashley Cross as newly appointed Manager of Membership and Member Services. In her blog post, Ashley introduces herself to the ATLIS community. 

I started my career in education as a first-grade teacher in a large public school district, a suburb of Nashville, where I joined a huge team with eight other first-grade teachers. My colleagues had been working together for a long time, and alliances were hard-set within this close group. While everyone was extremely friendly, I felt isolated in my journey as an educator. I longed to be connected with like-minded peers to share ideas and troubleshoot problems. When I discovered that there was an online network of teachers who were sharing and collaborating with one another, I was hooked! After I developed a blog documenting what I was doing in my classroom, suddenly I had teachers from around the world giving me feedback and encouragement.

I had found my first professional learning network.

Fast forward many years, as I took on many different roles throughout my career. From an Instructional Technology Specialist focusing on PD with high school teachers to becoming an IT Director, it has been an amazing journey! My favorite part of the job is relationships-- it’s never really about the tech. Read more and welcome Ashley.

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ATLIS is a rapidly growing professional network for technology leaders in independent schools, providing professional development, networking, and curated resources for members.  Membership in ATLIS is available to schools, businesses, and independent school associations.  

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Technology leaders make the best decisions when they are reflective, informed, and connected. ATLIS empowers its members to develop strategies, build relationships, and share best practices in technology and innovation for independent schools.

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