We're delighted to share that ATLIS has created a new communications resource for the exclusive use of our members. We have set up an ATLIS Slack, with multiple channels for our members. Participation in the Slack will be limited to those working in member schools or for ATLIS. 

Our members receive an invitation to join Slack that enables them to join all the channels at once. 

Download the Slack apps for desktop and mobile or use the website to start. Check out Slack’s Getting Started guides. 


Slack Etiquette for ATLIS

  • Contribute: Slack is a community resource, so let's build it together to make an asset that will be helpful for all of us.  Please use your real name as your Slack 
  • Assume the Best: Sometimes tone is difficult to discern online.  if a person says something that sounds off, give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they meant well.
  • What Happens in Slack....stays in Slack. This is a school members-only area (no vendors) and while internet privacy is a myth, please refrain from quoting, taking screenshots or reposting any material that originates in Slack without the permission of the original poster.
  • Take a Look Around: Entering a Slack channel is a lot like entering a room. Don't just walk in and start talking; instead, get your bearings first.

    Before you start typing, take a look around. See if there is a conversation already going on. If so, wait a bit to see if there's a natural entry into the conversation before adding a new topic. If this doesn't happen, you can wait until later or simply post a short message to let people know why you joined and what you'd like to discuss, ask or get help with.

And of course, the basics that go without saying, but are listed here anyway:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Kind
  • Be Nice

Hear from our board Co-President, Stuart Posin, about why he loves Slack and thinks ATLIS members will too!

 Learn more about using Slack including options for setting up Slack at your school for your internal team.   

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