NEW Research from ATLIS: The Role of Technology Leaders in Educational Capital Improvement Projects

Technology leaders in schools, both independent and public, may have more to bring to the table on capital improvement projects than their school leaders expect, according to this brand new research released by the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS).


The report, based on a survey of technology professionals in both the independent and public school realms for comparison purposes, indicates several key findings that could help schools optimize their capital investments, including:

  • Technology leaders have more project management experience and strategic insight on capital campaigns than school leadership teams may realize;

  • Involving the technology team early and often in a project can mitigate costly changes in scope; and, 

  • Some technology leaders with certain characteristics (ex., those who report directly to the head of school or district superintendent) are more likely to be involved in the early strategic phases of a project.

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The report presents findings for independent schools, followed by a sample of public schools. While ATLIS solely represents technologists at independent schools, this project arose from a combined presentation representing the perspectives of both independent and public school technology leaders. Thus, the report presents both perspectives. The comparisons are worthwhile and validate some assumptions about the differences in cultures between public and independent schools. For more information about this and other research conducted by ATLIS, email [email protected].

The 39-page report is available to ATLIS member schools free of charge. Non-members and other interested parties can download the full report for $79.

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