"From my perspective, ATLIS provides me tons of info that I wouldn't necessarily have access to. It links me to people in the same positions from different places. It's invaluable! I've been looking for an ATLIS for many decades. It's fabulous!"
-Wayne Peterson, Director of Technology at Blue Ridge School

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How Can ATLIS Help You?

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Membership Rates

ATLIS is a rapidly growing professional network for technology leaders in independent schools, providing professional development, networking, and curated resources for members.  ATLIS is a school-based membership. Membership is based on enrollment numbers, and is calculated at $3.95 per student (K-12). 

Once you are an ATLIS member, you can add an unlimited number of colleagues from your school to access ATLIS benefits. We commonly see all of the Technology Department Staff, CFOs/Business Officers (interested in risk management and cybersecurity issues), Academic Deans, Instructional Coaches, Heads of School, Librarians, Techy Teachers, etc.

If your school has over 1,000 students, you qualify for our dues cap of $3,950.   

If you are not do not work at a school, explore our affiliate membership options


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Welcome to your active recovery phase. 

Hundreds of independent schools across the country have already learned that ATLIS is the key to unlocking a feeling of control and proactive positioning with technology. Your school’s technology team will harness the power of tech thought leadership throughout the broader independent school world when you align yourself with ATLIS. 

You’re tired. You’ve been through a workout. Now’s the time to build strength. Welcome to your active recovery phase. Consider ATLIS your personal technology trainer.