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Vol 3 (Fall 2019)
Theme: Leadership Literacies


Leadership does not simply alight on our shoulders when we are promoted to positions of so-called power and authority. To become competent and knowledgeable leaders of technology in schools requires our full attention to developing critical literacies in a number of areas, including vision-making, communications, empathy, and empowering others, among a host of other important skills and roles.

For the Fall 2019 edition of Access Points, we invite you to submit your article ideas for consideration. Articles can vary in format from extended scholarly research to personal anecdotes or case studies.

ACCESS POINTS Fall 2019 Abstract Submission Form

 Deadline: May 3, 2019 

The following topic suggestions were generated by the ATLIS Publications Advisory Board. This list is meant to help you generate ideas. We encourage you to use these as a stepping point for your own approach to the journal theme.

Mission, Vision, and Foundation
The Art of Communication
Planning for Paradigm Shifts: Looking 10-20 years ahead
Being a Voice for Authentic Use of Tech
Modeling Mindful Tech
Finding Balance
Understanding the Human Factor 
Empowering Others to Lead and Grow
Building a Team

 deep in the heart of techness logoInterested in writing for ACCESS POINTS, but you are not sure where or how to start? Renee Ramig, Access Points editor, and Susan Davis, Professional Development Director for ATLIS, are offering a 3-hour writing workshop for the journal on Sunday, April 14, at the ATLIS Annual Conference in Dallas. See below for more information.

Access Points for Leadership: Writing for the ATLIS Journal
April, 14, 12 pm - 3 pm
ATLIS Annual Conference

Are you interested in writing for the ATLIS journal, ACCESS POINTS, on the topic of growing leadership literacies in technology? We will begin with an introduction to the journal itself, provide brainstorming opportunities on the journal's theme for the Fall 2019 edition, explore different ways to write about your topic, and lead you through a writing workshop for submitting a proposal. Come with a topic in mind or partner with others in the workshop in this unique collaborative writing session. 

Writing for Access Points (Slides)

ACCESS POINTS, Volume 2 (Spring 2018):
Leading Technology for Equity and Inclusion


Volume 2 Downloadable PDF

ACCESS POINTS, Volume 1 (Spring 2017):

The Works Cited entry for Dyvar Anderson's article on "Experiencing the Difference," page 17, should be corrected to read as follows:
"2 Students Wounded by Gunfire on La. Campus,”  Jet  3:13 (4 August 1965). Web.
The article is linked here.