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Access Points, Volume 3 (Fall/Winter 2019): Leadership Literacies

COMPLETE downloadable PDF of Volume 3

ACCESS POINTS, Volume 2 (Spring 2018):
Leading Technology for Equity and Inclusion


Volume 2 Downloadable PDF

ACCESS POINTS, Volume 1 (Spring 2017):

The Works Cited entry for Dyvar Anderson's article on "Experiencing the Difference," page 17, should be corrected to read as follows:
"2 Students Wounded by Gunfire on La. Campus,”  Jet  3:13 (4 August 1965). Web.
The article is linked here.

Interested in writing for ACCESS POINTS, but you are not sure where or how to start? Renee Ramig, Access Points editor, and Susan Davis, Professional Development Director for ATLIS, held a writing workshop for the journal on Sunday, April 14, at the ATLIS Annual Conference in Dallas. See below for our slide deck.

Writing for Access Points (Slides)