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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall 14 October 2020: Where We Are Now

As schools across our community begin to settle in to new learning and working environments, technology leaders from the ATLIS community continue to find value in sharing and reflecting on their experiences with their peers. In this Virtual Town Hall, we looked back on the journey of the past few months, shared what school looks like now in the many varieties of hybrid learning that have sprung up, and began to think about what has evolved in the larger perspective of education as well as what lies ahead. -- SD [15-minute read, 1-hour video]

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall 20 May 2020: Training/PD, Assessment, and School Culture.

The May 20 ATLIS Virtual Town Hall focused on the ATLIS Technology Considerations for Campus Reopening, a list of questions and concerns that originated with the ATLIS Think Tank. Topics included online training and PD, assessment, and school culture. -- SD [15-minute read, 1-hour video]

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall, 6 May 2020: Feedback and Reflection, Planning Ahead

ATLIS continues to share a summary and video for its Virtual Town Halls. Our May 6 gathering focused on feedback and reflection for faculty, planning ahead, and summer plans. -- SD

[15 minute read; 1 hour video]

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Technology Considerations for Campus Reopening

ATLIS reached out to the members of our Think Tank and others to learn what was on their minds as they look to the Fall. What do school leaders need to consider from a technology perspective as they consider options for reopening school. -- SD  [10-minute read]

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall, 29 April 2020: Leadership and Contingency Planning, Holding Onto Innovation

This archive continues to record and summarize the key ideas and questions shared by technology leaders in independent schools from around the world. On April 29, the group openly shared their contingency planning, questions on their minds for next year. They began to reflect on what they wished to hold onto for the future from their transitions during the coronavirus crisis, and they shared numerous ideas for reaching out to parents and maintaining school culture. -- SD [25 minute read; 1 hour video]

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall, 22 April 2020 & Clearinghouse Update

According to the ATLIS Vitals Check, 100% of our survey participants have completed the transition to online learning. ATLIS staff reflections about the development of the past few weeks identify three stages of the transition: "All Hands on Deck, followed by "OMG, It's Working... and now "Looking to the Future" as Technology leaders are beginning to reflect on the changes that changes to virtual school have wrought, particularly on their positions within the school. More immediate challenges discussed include end-of-year programs, to record or not to record 1:1 meetings, and vetting tools and resources discovered by faculty. This VTH archive also includes an update on the new resources to be found on the ATLIS Clearinghouse page. -- SD

[10-minute read; 1-hour video]

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall , 15 April 2020: Scheduling, Screen Fatigue, and End-of-Year Rituals

As we wrap up this extraordinary school year, technology leaders are being drafted to discuss end-of-year community rituals and how to address assessments in a virtual landscape. They also face planning for “after school” offerings, summer programs and projects and a very uncertain school year ahead. Participants also provided frank feedback on the ways vendors can best support technology leaders’ efforts to manage and deliver online the many components of their school communities. Finally, their thoughts turned to the leadership role they can play at their schools if they are included in the right conversations and if others understand better all that they do. -- SD

[15-minute read; 1-hour video]

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall, 8 April 2020: Stage 1 -- The Transition to Online Learning

As we move into the second stage of the remarkable transition of education to online spaces, new concerns are arising. Even as independent school technology leaders are assuming an even more critical role in their schools, they are wondering about what school will look like in the future and how this impacts their projects and plans for the coming year, as well as their budgets. Overall, we must question how the recent changes in the ways school is delivered has made a lasting impact on the independent school model. -- SD

[10-minute read]

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall, 1 April 2020: Supporting Parents

Each week technology leaders from around the globe gather to discuss issues and concerns related to the challenges of the day. In this edition, we discussed ways schools are supporting parents who are working from home and helping their children attend school virtually. We also discussed how tech teams need the support of their leadership and schools to maintain self-care during this crisis. Other issues, such as repair and breakage policies, filled out the hour's discussion. -- SD

[10-minute read; 1-hour video]

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ATLIS Virtual Town Hall, 18 March 2020: We Are Here for You


Things are changing quickly for independent schools, so we are gathering technology leaders every Wednesday at 1pm EST for a virtual town hall discussion. We’ll address your challenges and share lessons learned. Here we share our video archive from the ATLIS Town Hall on March 18, 2020. -- AC

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