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3 Things Every Boarding School Should Consider as Part of Their Reopening Plan

Boarding schools face a uniquely complex set of reopening challenges given the residential component of their model. The following is an excerpt taken from a Magnus Health webinar conducted last week. Contributing panelist, Susan Harrington, Chief Financial Officer at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, presents a valuable set of tactics and strategies specific to boarding schools.   The outline below describes the considerations and steps within each aspect of a reopening plan. Beyond governmental approval, Brewster Academy created a series of criteria to be met along with a Reopening Campus Strategy Team to help determine and evaluate their standing.  

I. Testing Strategy 
Each school should develop a testing strategy that can be implemented prior to students, faculty, and staff returning to campus. This plan should also provide testing for all once on campus, have an allowance for self isolation, and include an action plan should an outbreak occur. 

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Optimizing Summer Wifi Updates: Best Practices

ATLIS Corporate Member Wyebot offers the following best practices for analyzing and updating your campus wifi systems. Whether you are installing new hardware, running diagnostics, or conducting security audits, maintaining effective wifi services is a mainstay of independent school technology department work. -- SD

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