Data and Analytics

Implementing the ATLIS/Lea(r)n Chrome Plugin to analyze your EdTech usage

 How To: Amanda Cadran on Optimizing Your Edtech Resources

Amanda highlights some of the advances to our Lea(r)n member benefit.  ATLIS members are able to access data collection tools and dashboards for analyzing software utilization to provide rich insights about leveraging technology effectively. 



Data and Analytics for School Leaders (DASL)


Our partnership with NAIS means that ATLIS members can benchmark technology information using NAIS statistics as well as ATLIS data.  NAIS's Hilary Lamonte, Senior Vice President of Data and Analysis for School Leadership, joined Sarah Hanawald and offered our members a detailed overview of how to work in DASL.  If you do not have access to the DASL site, please contact your Head of School or his/her designee as this access is made available through your school's NAIS membership.

Check out the video to learn how to access the many reports already created as well as write your own queries to get customized information that will help you make better decisions for your school.

Technology Impact and Efficacy (TIE) Assessment

All ATLIS member schools are invited to participate in the Technology Impact and Efficacy (TIE) Assessment.  This service is offered to members schools as a benefit included in your ATLIS membership. We've created a sample report designed to mimic the confidential report each school receives for perusal. 

The purpose of the TIE Assessment is to help schools understand the impact technology has on academics, operations, and data security as well as provide member schools with a dashboard report indicating their strength in these areas relative to the ATLIS member school norms. No school will able to access school-level data about any other school.  Individual school reports will include suggested areas to target for growth.  These suggested areas are selected from those that will have the greatest effect on improving the impact technology has on the school program.

In order to offer this level of report and recommendations, we need to collect quality data from our members.  We need information from most students in a school and all faculty and staff.  This data is efficiently gathered via four data collection tools.

TIE Results

Downloadable TIE Poster/Infographic

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