ATLIS Clearinghouse: Coronavirus Resources for Technology Leaders

The ATLIS Clearinghouse collects resources shared directly with ATLIS via email or, with permission, from the members’ Slack Channel (#General #coronavirus), via the ISED-l listserv, or drawing upon other resources in response to concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19). It is not meant to be exhaustive but rather serves as a space for collecting and gathering the resources shared by our community.

Summer Programming

ATLIS Virtual Town Hall 

ATLIS Virtual Town Hall

ATLIS is here for you! We will host virtual town hall meetings each Wednesday so the community can come together to share ideas and support one another. 

Free and open to all: registration required.

If you have registered previously, you will automatically receive an invitation for the upcoming town halls.


ATLIS 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Date: March 18, 2020

ATLIS Announcement to 2020 Conference Attendees

Thank you for your continued patience in these swiftly changing times. The coronavirus left us scrambling to make last-minute adjustments to the Annual Conference, as it did to many of you in your own school settings. 

As many of you know, we are a fairly young community, and we derive approximately 40% of our annual revenue from the event that started the ATLIS organization. By the time the coronavirus took hold of our country, ATLIS had already invested significantly in our in-person event. We paid hotel deposits, designed your badges and programs, and paid for keynote speakers. In many ways, our refunding registration revenue at this point in the process would be akin to your school refunding tuition mid-year. 

Thus, we have looked for creative ways to ensure that our 2020 conference attendees are satisfied with the outcome of this year’s annual conference while protecting the ATLIS community as a whole. Our goal is to provide all of the content you would have received in Chicago, with the added benefit of being able to absorb all the breakouts over time with on-demand sessions. We understand you may not be able to participate in real-time, or maybe for several weeks/months after things settle down for you in your home school community. But when you are ready, the content will be there. The sessions and topics you asked us to create for you--it will all be waiting. 

Further, we’d like to offer all 2020 paid registrants a credit for half off registration for next year’s conference in Seattle. We are confident that the gathering of independent school technologists will be long overdue by then and we’re hopeful that our entire community emerges stronger than ever from this COVID-19 experience. All paid registrants will receive instructions about how to claim this credit when it’s time to prepare for next year’s event. Any new paid registrants for the 2020 now-virtual event will also be eligible next year for the 50% incentive. 

Don’t forget that, even as we dealt with this internal conundrum, we worked with the community to crowdsource a stunning amount of information regarding the coronavirus response, all of which is available on our Clearinghouse page. Together, our teamwork has brought us a long way in a short period of time. 

Thank you for your patience and support. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. 

Christina Lewellen
Executive Director


Date: March 13, 2020

ATLIS Offers Annual Conference as Virtual Event

The Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS) announced today that its 2020 Annual Conference will now take place virtually. With mounting concerns about coronavirus and widespread independent school closures, the association has adjusted the delivery of the conference to a vehicle that is more convenient to attendees. 

Further, the organization has added a continuity planning track featuring town halls and thought leadership in continuity strategies that have been recently deployed at independent schools throughout the country. 

“We’ve been watching the situation evolve and designing a way to deliver the professional development our attendees need in a way that offers flexibility with the challenging situations they’re facing at their own schools,” says Christina Lewellen, ATLIS executive director. “We will not only deliver conference content in a virtual environment, but we’ll also capture the sessions so attendees can digest the information on their own timelines.”

In the coming days, ATLIS will communicate with attendees about the logistics of virtual participation. In the meantime, organizers encourage attendees who planned to participate in-person to manage adjustments to their individual travel and hotel arrangements. 

“We’d like to take a moment to thank our loyal sponsors and patient attendees who have demonstrated support and flexibility as we’ve worked through this unprecedented scenario,” Lewellen notes. “The ATLIS community has rallied to support each other with continuity planning and information sharing in the face of this nationwide challenge. We are pleased to be able to offer a virtual solution for our Annual Conference to keep independent school technologists connected during this critical time.” 


Because the ATLIS conference is continuing virtually, we are unable to offer refunds. This is keeping with our posted refund policy that all attendees are asked to acknowledge when registering. The ATLIS leadership understands the unfortunate timing of restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus and we appreciate your patience and understanding. This close to the event, the organization has already invested significantly in each confirmed participant, which is why the organization must adhere to its stated refund policy.


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