ATLIS Vendor Engagement Policies

Vendor Participation in ATLIS Events

Whether in-person or online, synchronous or asynchronous, ATLIS prohibits vendors from hijacking conversations with sales pitches or “helpful” suggestions to use their products or services. Vendors who violate the spirit of this rule may face temporary or permanent banishment from ATLIS gatherings.

Having said that, ATLIS highly values the thought leadership of our vendor partners and has a long and successful track record of working with vendors to collaborate on and share information that can benefit the independent school community. We believe in building the vendor/association relationship over time in a way that benefits members and the community as a whole. If you’re interested in furthering your company’s involvement with ATLIS, please reach out to [email protected]


ATLIS Member Directory

ATLIS’s School Member Directory is intended to provide an overview of the independent school network

 The ATLIS member directory is not to be used to promote or market products and/or services (please refer to ATLIS’s spam policy). No exceptions. Violators of this rule will not be welcome to participate in ATLIS events or opportunities.


Attendee and Member Lists

Occasionally, the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS) will provide member and/or attendee information with partners, provided that the individual has granted the association permission to do so.

Those who receive this information may only use it for its intended purpose and must adhere to ATLIS’s spam policy and the rules outlined below. Violators may be subject to restrictions on involvement in future ATLIS events and possible legal action.

Our rules for ATLIS information and member platforms are as follows:

  • Don’t launch straight into a canned sales pitch. Be helpful to our community. Take the time to provide content of value that has relevance to the independent school community.
  • Do not add ATLIS contacts to your database and keep contacting them unless they engage and make the personal decision to sign up for more of your content releases.
  • Respect people’s time. Make sure that what you send is easily consumable and can be saved for later or shared with the leadership at the school
  • Be personable. If you’ve been provided a list that’s specific to an event or group within the ATLIS community, make sure you personalize your content to that group’s needs.


ATLIS Spam Policy

ATLIS does not authorize the harvesting, mining or collection of e-mail addresses or other information from or through the website or its services.

ATLIS does not permit or authorize others to use this service to collect, compile or obtain any information about its members, including but not limited to member e-mail addresses.

ATLIS does not permit or authorize any attempt to use its services in a manner that could damage, disable, overburden or impair any aspect of any of the services, or that could interfere with any other party’s use and enjoyment of any the owner service. 

If ATLIS believes that unauthorized or improper use is being made of any service, it may, without notice, take such action as it, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate, including blocking messages from a particular internet domain, mail server or IP address. ATLIS may immediately terminate any account on any service which it determines, in its sole discretion, is transmitting or is otherwise connected with any e-mail that violates this policy. 

Nothing in this policy is intended to grant any right to transmit or send e-mail to, or through, this website and/or services. Failure to enforce this policy in every instance does not amount to a waiver of rights of ATLIS.

Unauthorized use of ATLIS member or attendee information in connection with the transmission of unsolicited e-mail, including the transmission of e-mail in violation of this policy, may result in civil, criminal, or administrative penalties against the sender and those assisting the sender. Violators of the CAN SPAM Act may be subject to “cease and desist” orders or penalties from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) of up to $11,000 per violation. Criminal prosecution is also possible in the case of egregious offenders, which can result in penalties such as fines, forfeiture of proceeds and equipment. The worst offenders can also be subject to prison time.

Questions about any of these policies are best clarified ahead of time. Please reach out to Ashley Cross ([email protected]) for more information or guidance.