ATLIS is excited to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of our journal in Spring 2017.  Titled Access Points, our journal is an annual publication published prior to our annual conference.  Each issue will be themed around a topic that will serve as a guide for authors.  We'll showcase action research, op-ed, book reviews, case studies and best practices in each edition.


The theme for our first issue was Evolution.  We asked writers to consider these questions:

        • How has independent school technology leadership evolved?  
        • What processes or products have evolved that have had an impact on independent education?
        • What works have been influential in the field, for better or worse?
        • What technology trends have emerged (e.g. making, tablet computing, big data) that have influenced the evolution of educational practice?
        • What does the future bring?


We'll announce the theme and call for articles for the 2018 issue of Access Points on August 24.