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Only a few days left to register for our Cyber Security Workshop which will be held November 9-10, 2016 in Crystal City, Virginia

Designed and led by two experienced independent school technology leaders, Jamie Britto from Collegiate School (VA) and Denise Musselwhite from Trinity Preparatory School (FL).

Attendees will depart the workshop prepared to lead an independent school through the security review process and undertake the steps necessary to ensure improved security for all areas (development, admissions, business, and academic functions) as well as the security of individual community constituents.  Learn more, register, and see the complete agenda.

Who we are:

ATLIS is a focused non-profit organization committed to supporting all professionals in the technology office in independent schools.  ATLIS connects members with vital data, timely resources, and experienced colleagues to streamline decision making in the constantly evolving world of technology.  Our formal professional network is dedicated to ensuring that all members of our community have the support they need to thrive.

Why join ATLIS?

ATLIS is a rapidly growing professional network for technology leaders in independent schools, providing professional development, networking, and curated resources for members.  Membership in ATLIS is available to schools, businesses, and independent school associations.  

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Our Mission

Technology leaders make the best decisions when they are reflective, informed, and connected. ATLIS empowers its members to develop strategies, build relationships, and share best practices in technology and innovation for independent schools.

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